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First-class Tech Support

Classroom rentals at ATG Learning feature cutting edge IT support

Free AM/PM Snacks & Drinks

When hosting a training event at ATG Learning, you

Free Admin Support

Classroom administration support in included with all corporate training room rentals at ATG Learning

When your group comes to ATG for a classroom rental, you have a whole Administration Team on your side.

First, our Client Specialist and Network Administrators make sure everything from text books to computer setup is ready to go the first day of your rental. When your instructor arrives, the front desk staff will show them around, as well as make sure they have everything needed.

As students arrive, they will be escorted to their classroom, as well as the Break Room. That is where students will find a full spread of morning/afternoon snacks, fruit, yogurt, soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, pastries, etc.

In addition, students are given an information sheet with details such as the WIFI code, how to access a printer via WIFI, restaurants in the complex, etc.

As any needs pop up throughout the day, just let the front desk administrative staff know. Need a conference room? No problem. Lost a computer cable? We'll come to the rescue. Decided you want an easle at the last minute? We'll set you up. Restaurant recommendation? We know our way around an appetite. Remember, the only situation we can't help you with, is the one you don’t ask about.

No Weekend Surcharges

ATG Learning\

Need a classroom on nights or weekends? Good Luck... unless you come to ATG Learning.

Most classroom rental facilities are forced to shut down on nights and weekends, along with the rest of their office park. So you have to shell out big bucks just to get in the door (if that's even an option).

At ATG Learning, we understand night and weekend classes may be your only option. We're ready for business when you are. Give us a call and let's make a plan for your night and weekend classes at a great rate.

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